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We have provided answers to some of our most commonly asked questions:

Stability Balls Rubber Resistance General

How do I know which size ball I should use?

Proper ball size is determined by the user's height. When seated on the ball, your hips and knees should be close to parallel with the floor.

The following is SPRI's suggested size chart to determine which ball size is recommended for your height:
  • 45cm ball - Inflate to 17" tall - for users Under 5' Tall

  • 55cm ball - Inflate to 21" tall - for users Under 5' to 5'7"Tall

  • 65cm ball - Inflate to 29" tall - for users Under 5'7" to 6'3" Tall

  • 75cm ball - Inflate to 29" tall - for users Under over 6'3" Tall

  • How much weight does a Stability Ball hold?

    Depending on the version you purchase, a Stability Ball can hold up to varying weights. All SPRI balls are considered "Slow-Deflate" balls, the "Slow-Deflate" ball will deflate slowly in the event of a puncture providing additional safety, and should be considered a "must have" feature for your stability ball.

    Recommended Weight limits for the SPRI stability balls:
  • Professional Xercise Ball - 300lbs.

  • Professional Plus Xercise Ball - 350lbs

  • Elite Xercise Ball - 500lbs.

  • What are the pieces that come with the ball?

    Each ball comes with a plug and a small plastic pump adapter. The threaded end piece is the pump adapter that can attach to your bike pump or many other types of pumps or air compressors.

    How do you inflate the ball?

    You can inflate the ball with a bicycle pump, a service station air pump or an electric air compressor. Pumps are also available for purchase from SPRI. Trigger-like pumps would not require an attachment; just hold the airflow right up to the hole in the ball.

    Before beginning the inflation process, mark on a door or wall the desired height of the inflated ball. As you begin to inflate the ball, keep checking it against your mark. When the ball is equal to your mark the ball is properly inflated. It is recommended for easier inflation that you fill the ball approximately to 50%, let the ball sit overnight, then complete the inflation process. Insert the plug into the hole of the ball and make sure head of the plug is flush; otherwise the ball will leak air. Do not over inflate the ball; over-inflation could cause the ball to burst. Please note: It is normal for the ball to have folds in it when first inflated.

    Does the Stability Ball contain latex?

    The ball is made with a plastic vinyl clad (PVC) process that does not include latex.

    Can an air leak in the Stability Ball be repaired with a patch kit?

    There is no safe way to repair an air leak in a Stability Ball.

    What are the benefits of using the Stability Ball?

    Works the "foundation" or trunk in almost every exercise, whether it is a targeted activity for upper body, lower body, or specifically for the abdominals and low back. Your body can be easily positioned on the ball to go through a greater range of motion. Allows you to be comfortably "off " the floor for many exercises

    Which resistance I should choose?

    YellowVery LightBeginner
    GreenLightModerately Fit (Average Women, 50% more resistant than Yellow)
    RedMediumFit (Active Women or Average Man, 40% more resistant than Green)
    BlueHeavyVery Fit (Advanced Men or Women, 42% more resistant than Red)
    PurpleUltra HeavyExtremely Fit (Elite Men or Women, 20% more resistant than Blue)

    What are the benefits of Resistance Exercise Training?

    • Increased muscle strength and muscle mass
    • Increased rate of metabolism
    • Reduction in body fat and increased calorie burn
    • Improved posture, decreased risk of osteoporosis

    How often should I exercise with the tubing products?

    2-3 times per week, rest a minimum of 48 hours between exercise sessions.

    What is the recommended care and usage requirements of tubing products?

    • Always check for possible wear on the tubing before each exercise session. If the tubing has a nick or a cut discontinue use of that tubing product and replace it. There is no safe way to repair a tubing product.
    • Never stretch the tubing beyond 2 times its resting length. Please note, overhead presses while standing on a Xertube would take the tubing well past its safe working length.
    • Never tie two or more pieces of tubing together.
    • Avoid using the Xertube on rough or abrasive surfaces. The Xertube is not recommended for use on carpet or pool floors. SPRI offers the Xertube in a protective sleeve for these uses.
    • Do not use a Xertube under a step. SPRI recommends the use of our Step Tube for resistance work on a step. The Step tube is longer (to allow for the step risers) and has a protective sleeve.
    • Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight, salt or chlorine treated water. SPRI's rubber products can be used in pools. It is recommended that you rinse them after each use.
    • Wear appropriate footwear when using the Xertube. Standing on an Xertube and performing standing hip abductions or wrapping the Xertube around your shoe and doing lateral movements would break down the tubing and would cause the tubing to prematurely break. The Xering or Lex-Loop would be recommended for standing hip-abductions.

    Is the tubing made with latex?

    Yes, all of SPRI's rubber resistance products have latex. Those with latex allergies should avoid the use of these products.

    Which rubber products do I use for upper body or lower bodywork?

    The Xertube, Ultra-Toner, Xercise Bar and Double Ring are primarily for Upper body exercise with some lower body exercise application. The Xering, Lex-Loop and the Xercuff are for lower body exercise only.

    What is the difference between the Xering, Lex-Loop and Xercuff?

    The Xering and the Lex-Loop are identical in their circumference and you perform the same type of exercises with both of these pieces, the only difference is the Lex-Loop has velcro cuffs for additional comfort and stability. These pieces are designed for smaller range of motion isolation exercises.

    The tubing loop of the Xercuff is longer to allow for full range of motion exercises, such as side-to-side and diagonal movement exercises and activities.

    What is the difference between the Original and Deluxe Xertube?

    The Deluxe Xertube is an original Xertube with a padded foam handle that provides extra comfort.

    How long after I place an order should I expect my products to be delivered?

    SPRI's goal is to ship all orders in 7-10 business days after an order is placed. Express shipments will be faster depending on the level of express shipment ordered.

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